Watch Pete Scobell’s Heart-Wrenching New Video, ‘Wild’


In his new video for “Wild”, Pete Scobell pays tribute to a long lost friend.

As the video unfolds, Scobell is seen taking an old Mustang for a cruise down a dirt road. While driving along, he reminisces about an old friend and all the good times they had together. Scobell eventually ends up at his friend’s final resting place, where he pours a shot and sings next to his grave.

“I went wild when they laid my best friend in the ground,” he sings earnestly. “It sank in more than six feet down, I’m going to miss your smile. And I went wild when they threw the dirt on your grave. It was like throwing it into my face.”

Anyone who has ever lost a friend or family member will have no problem relating to “Wild”, in which Scobell expresses what so many people feel but can’t vocalize after such an unexpected loss.

Pete Scobell’s new album, Walkin a Wire, will be released on Sept. 11. The tracklisting features “Wild” along with a list of songs co-written by Cole Swindell, Dierks Bentley, David Lee Murphy and many others. You can currently pre-order Walkin a Wire on iTunes.

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Watch Pete Scobell’s Heart-Wrenching New Video, ‘Wild’