Screengrab via Caters News

This Texas Couple Lets Their Massive Pet Buffalo Live in Their Home

One Texas couple is in the headlines for their unusual pet: a 2,500-pound buffalo named Wild Thing.

According to Caters News, Ronnie and Sherron Bridges used to care for an entire herd of buffalo. When 60-year-old Ronnie lost his eyesight, the couple decided to sell their herd. Well, all but one. Wild Thing has been "kicking and horning" them since he was a baby, but he's still a big part of the family.

The Bridges let their buffalo roam throughout their home. Wild Thing starts his day by sitting at their table to eat their breakfast. He even has his own room in their house to watch his action films (apparently they're his favorite).

The Texas couple also takes care of a pack of wolves that have befriended Wild Thing. Watch this clip from Caters News to see their unique household in action.

The Bridges' rustic family home has earned some damage from the free-roaming, 2,500-pound animal. And although he may be cute, Wild Thing doesn't do well with other humans. Once, he even got spooked and took Ronnie for a ride on his horns. Sherron apparently thought her husband was dead after the scary incident. As difficult as he can be, they say they still love him.

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