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This Personal Bottomless Mimosa Glass Holds (Gasp!) 8 Mimosas

Every Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoon diners flock to their favorite restaurants and cafes to enjoy the sunshine and a taste of their favorite brunch dishes. Brunch, which is a portmanteau word made from breakfast and lunch, first started in England in the early 19th century. It wasn't until the 1930's that the weekend phenomenon came over to America.

Today brunch is normally served with alcoholic beverages, making it totally acceptable to spend the morning day-drinking. While Bloody Marys and Bellinis are a breakfast favorite (and sometimes used as the hair of the dog) the real winner of brunch is the mimosa.

The Bottomless Mimosa 

A mixture of champagne and orange juice, this concoction is a favorite to get a little tipsy while enjoying an Eggs Benedict. And when restaurants offer "bottomless mimosas," you can expect to spend a few hours with friends enjoying this sweet beverage.

But did you know you can enjoy bottomless mimosas at home as well?

Created by Big Mouth Inc., The Bottomless Mimosa Glass is large enough to hold 940 mL - which is about 8 mimosa glasses!

Shaped like a champagne bottle, this glass is a fun way to just drink "one more glass".

This is the perfect gag-gift for anyone who brunches (yes, using it as a verb), loves to call the day after Saturday, "Sunday Funday," knows the brunch menu by heart or just loves the thought of having a bottomless brunch. Simply add an equal measurement of champagne and OJ into the glass and sip throughout Sunday brunch.

We highly suggest buying one of these for your next boozy brunch and sharing the bottle among friends. You could even make your own brunch buffet at home.

You won't need to wait in line for a brunch spot and it'll be fun to host your own Sunday Brunch.

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