This Pepperoni Pizza Cake Is a Food Lover's Dream

Pizza and cake are two food staples almost everyone loves.

Both are easily customizable, fun to make and delicious to eat. Thanks to the great minds at Pillsbury, there's now a way to combine both of these favorites into one insane creation. Behold, the pepperoni pizza cake!

If you're thinking the combo of sweet and savory might be a little too much, don't write this off just yet. Though it has a cake-like appearance, there's no added sweetness or anything else that would confuse your palate. What you're looking at is just one enormous and epic pie that could make your pizza-loving heart burst with one bite. Sure, it looks complicated to make; but it only takes a few steps and five ingredients to create this massive, savory cake.

To create this Frankenstein-like version of a Chicago-style pizza, all you have to do is stack a few small pizzas on top of each other, then add some extra layers of dough. Plus, you have complete freedom to change up your toppings and sauces; so you can make this meal exactly how you want it.

For the full recipe with photo instructions, head over to Pillsbury and enjoy this crazy pizza cake for yourself.

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This Pepperoni Pizza Cake Is a Food Lover's Dream