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The World's First Whiskey Tequila Fusion Will Knock You Out

Infusions are one of our favorite parts of making a mixed drink. Most of our cocktail recipes include a moonshine infusion or two because we believe it's too easy to keep a jar infusing in your pantry at all times. While you can play with the seasons in your infusions, you typically can't infuse two liquors together at home with the best results. Penthouse Spirits, however, decide to combine two of the most iconic liquors out there in their Whiskey Tequila Fusion: Mexican tequila and American whiskey.

As Penthouse notes on their description, "This innovative spirit is perfect as a shot, served over ice with a squeeze of lime, or mixed into your favorite cocktail." While this just sounds like two of the foundational ingredients of frat house jungle juice, it does sound intriguing. It is, after all, the world's first spirit fusion.

The drink is bottled in Holland. While it doesn't state what kind of good tequila is used (blanco, reposado, or otherwise), it also doesn't list what kind of whiskey is included (rye whiskey, bourbon whiskey, or otherwise). However if there's one thing we like about this idea immediately, it's the fusion of spirits from the United States and Mexico.

According to the product description, one should be able to simply substitute this combo liquor in alcoholic drinks. Check out these this cocktail recipe that combines whiskey and tequila perfectly.

Another Fine Mes

This recipe, submitted to by Brendan F. Casey, combines maple syrup, single barrel rye whiskey, and reposado tequila. Using orange liqueur and bitters instead of lime juice or a lime wedge, this whiskey cocktail turns a gorgeous amber color.

Find the full recipe here for this tequila whiskey drink.

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