penn castle
Photo via Circa

Arkansas' Historic Penn Castle Can Be Yours for a Bargain

Southern mansions come in all shapes and sizes. But every now and then, a house captures the grace and elegance of another era. The Penn Castle in Eureka Springs, Ark. happens to be one of those unique homes. And it's back on the real estate market.

Evangelist Major William Evander Penn commissioned the house for his family in 1888. The home still has the original stained glass windows, wrought iron gates and wooden flooring throughout.

The original fireplaces have ornate carvings around the mantlepieces, which illustrate the Second Empire architectural style of the home.


Steepled walls, dotted with colorful stained glass serve as clear reminders of Penn's Evangelist background.

And no true castle is complete without an area to take in the lush foliage of Arkansas.

Balconies and vines give the entire property a romantic, almost novel-like aesthetic that is worthy of a movie.

Penn was originally from Tennessee, but he settled in Texas after the Civil War. Over the years, he garnered a reputation as the "Texas Evangelist." The Penn family later moved to Eureka Springs in 1887 and built this extraordinary piece of architectural elegance.

Penn enjoyed his stately family home until his death in 1895. The property returned to the market on New Year's Eve 2016 and comes in at just under $500,000. This mansion is a rare gem, filled with detailing from another era. With that kind of family history, it just might be worth the price tag.

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