Peeps Oreos Arrived for Easter, But People Are Reporting 2 Crazy Side Effects

Nabisco's Oreo may have officially gone beserk. Desiring to create an Easter centric sweet treat because 'tis the season, Oreo has released the only holiday flavor fitting for the occasion - Peep Oreo Cookies. Oreos, awesome. Peeps, desirable. But an Oreo flavored Peep? This is something to be polled by a nationwide census.

The chewy consistency of a chick-shaped Peep is a popular Easter candy that embodies spring with its bright, sugar coated outer layer. Some even prefer it as a year old stale candy, which is beyond my tasting expertise.

However, chances are if you like Peeps, and you like Oreos, then you'll love Oreo Peeps. The cookie-candy hybrid consists of two golden layers of sweet cookie filled with an inorganic pink colored marshmallow center.

One can only assume what that bubblegum colored Peep middle layer taste like, but if it's true to the original Peep, it taste like pure sugar.

Regardless of taste, any curious Oreo/Peep lover can pick up a 10.7-ounce package of the cookie-candy collaboration at the local Walmart.

This artificially flavored limited edition is on shelves now while Easter is in season, and of course, while supplies last. Running at $2.98 a pop, if you like the hybrid you better stock up because it will be another year before this monster rears its ugly head - if at all.

Proceed with caution, however, because consumers are taking to social media to report two very dismaying side effects of the Peeps Oreos.

Feast your eyes on the lesser of the two evils: your saliva turns pink ... and so does your toothbrush.

So that sounds bad. But this one might be worse. Apparently, if you're feasting on Peeps Oreos, your poop is about to be PINK.

However, some consumers are still going for it. Because Peeps Oreos, that's why.

This post was originally published in March 2017.

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