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This Peeps Cookie Coop is Perfect for Spring

Our favorite Easter candy Peeps are back and better than ever! After a short hiatus last year, Peeps chicks are back and ready to celebrate spring in the sweetest way possible. This year the marshmallow treats have rolled out a brand new product that reminds us of gingerbread houses we were putting together only a few months ago. Check out the new Peeps Cookie Coop kit.

How To Put Together the Peeps Cookie Coop

It's become a thing the past few years of putting together cookie kits for every holiday of the year. Halloween gave us Oreo graveyards and Hanukkah gave us sugar cookie houses. For Easter this year we have sugar cookie chicken coops; how fun is that?!

The DIY-kit comes complete with sugar cookie panels, pastel mixed icing, chicken figures, candy, and of course, Peeps. Simply connect the sugar cookie panels with the prepared icing, let it set, then decorate!

The kit is now available at BJ's Wholesale Club and Walgreen's. We wouldn't be surprised if these popped up on Amazon in the next few weeks as well!

Also available this year is the Peeps Easter Bunny Shaped Pancake Mix and Skillet Gift Set. Some reviewers on Amazon have noted it is hard to flip the pancake, however according to instructions you only cook one side of the pancake in the bunny-shaped pan.

To make the pancakes, mix the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and preheat the lightly greased pan. Add 1/4 cup of batter and cook until the bottom is golden and the bubbles pop.

Using a small spatula remove the pancake from the bunny pan and flip onto a regular heated skillet. Cook until golden brown and serve with maple syrup and butter. I bet you could even cut up a Peep candy and put it on top!

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