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Just When You Think Cheerios Can't Get Better, Peach Cheerios Arrive

Peach is the new pumpkin spice, and it's about time. Peach-flavored foods are showing up everywhere right now, including in your morning breakfast. General Mills introduced a limited edition Peach Cheerios to grocery stores, and they're as good as the name sounds.

Peach Cheerios cereal is made with actual peaches, in the form of real peach puree concentrate baked into every little circle of oaty goodness.

peach cheerios

General Mills

Cheerios aren't the only product with a peach fruity flavor twist this spring. Coke just rolled out Georgia Peach Coca-Cola and of course there's Chick-fil-A's seasonal peach milkshake.

Peach makes perfect sense for a breakfast food—peaches and cream is a classic combination, so a bowl of peaches, oats, and milk is pretty much guaranteed to be a winner.

Peach Cheerios is gluten-free and has no artificial flavors. One serving of the cereal has 110 calories and 16 grams of whole grain. And over at Cerealously, the review is in and it is good.

"As a peach cereal, Peach Cheerios is pretty much perfect. Not too sweet, not too candied, and definitely authentically peachy, these rings are bursting with more fruity peach goodness than an overstuffed cobbler," says Dan G. over at the blog.

The new flavor is just one of Cheerios' latest riffs on the original. The cereal maker also has popular flavors like Banana Nut and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

So if you're a cereal lover looking to mix it up for your morning breakfast (or for your evening meal; we totally support cereal for dinner), you may want to hit the stores before this new Cheerios flavor goes out of season.

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