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PBR Is Selling a 99-Can Case and It's All We Want

Update: November 20, 2019 3:06 pm. 

We asked and PBR answered! According to the brand, more 99-can cases are on the way next month, but there's no telling where these prized packs might end up. Also, as a nod to Austin BeerWorks, PBR is donating $9,999.99 to Austin-based charity, @ctxfoodbank to pay homage to a great idea and the community that it came from.


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The myth is true! The PBR 99 Pack exists and it's all we can talk about. The limited-edition Pabst Blue Ribbon pack first hit stores back in 2017. The only problem was that the 99-pack of beer was only available in Quebec, Canada. Thankfully this year, for the first time ever, 99-packs of PBR are available in the United States.

Where To Find the PBR 99-Can Case

There's a catch. (There's always a catch). The Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-Pack isn't sold everywhere. In fact, the only sighting so far this year was in Mankato, Minnesota at MGM Wine. The liquor store shared a photo of the family pack (yes, it's actually called a limited edition family pack) and within the day, the 99-Pack of PBR was gone.

The packs included three different cans of beer including original, easy, and extra. According to Power 96, the beer pack was available for only $59.99. Now that's a deal!

The PBR 99-Pack Vs. Austin Beerworks 99-Pack

PBR wasn't the first beer to invent the 99-pack. No, that title goes to none other than Austin Beerworks, who created the pack in 2014 after joking about it. The Texas brand created the packs, each loaded with Peacemaker lager. The craft beer sold out instantly.

Will these outrageous 99-packs be available in a store near you? It's hard to say. With different liquor, wine, and beer laws in each state, it's difficult to sell something completely new. Take North Carolina for example. It wasn't until this year you could buy more than one beer at a time at the bar. And happy hour? It doesn't exist in the state at all.

We are keeping our eyes out, and if PBR decides to drop another shipment of their 99-Pack, you'll be the first to know.

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