Paula Deen Shares Photo of Her Cheerleading Days

Paula Deen is beloved in the culinary world for her Southern cuisine and down-home comfort food. Her recipes are as easy to make as they are scrumptious, and her easy-going, relatable charm make her even more lovable. As she recently shared on her Instagram, Paula Deen was a cheerleader before she became queen of the Southern kitchen!

Paula Deen was born in Albany, Georgia but currently lives in Savannah Georgia. This Southern celebrity chef has shared her recipes on the Food Network, written over 15 books, run a catering service The Bag Lady, and operates The Lady & Sons restaurant with her sons.

From her memoir It Ain't All About the Cookin' to her cookbook Paula Deen's Southern Baking, Deen's sense of humor and Southern style are integral to who she is. She also previously had Food Network shows, Paula's Home Cooking, Paula's Party and Paula's Best Dishes, which were originally taped in New York and later recorded at her Georgia home.

Most recently, Paula Deen was a guest host on the 11th season of Masterchef, which premiered this June. Along with continuing to make delicious comfort food and helping others learn to cook, she shares from time to time on her social media account, giving fans a look at her personal life.

Paula Deen Was A Cheerleader In High School

One of her most recent posts shows her in a high school cheerleading uniform, looking as adorable as can be with her giant pom pom and confident smile.

Her caption reads "With it being both back-to-school season and football season, I thought I'd dig up an old photo from my days as a cheerleader! Do y'all have any photos from your high school days to share with me? If you've got 'em, leave 'em in the comments."

It makes perfect sense that Paula Deen was a cheerleader back in the day! In her memoir, she confessed that she loved cheerleading and socializing in high school, but wasn't too into the schoolwork. She joked, "If I could have made a livin' cheerleading, that would have been my chosen life path."

Her fans loved her throwback instagram post, saying things like "Awwww down right beautiful Miss Paula," and "Oh my goodness. I love you even more!" The post has almost 15,000 likes and is full of love for Paula. Her personal post has made fans love the queen of Southern cooking even more!