Patsy Cline Will Return to the Stage as Hologram in 2016

After a tragic plane crash took the life of Patsy Cline 52 years ago, modern technology will allow fans to see her on stage once more.

Hologram USA announced the project, which will feature a hologram of Cline in a 2016 concert tour with commentary and audience interaction. The company previously made headlines with its hologram version of rapper Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella Music and Arts Festival. This "full concert experience" looks to be the biggest project the company has taken on so far.

"We debuted our hologram technology to the Country music world with Jimmy Kimmel at the Country Music Awards. Now Patsy Cline will demonstrate how we can bring all the warmth and virtuosity of a true icon back for new audiences," said Alki David, CEO of Hologram USA, according to Paste. "We chose Patsy as our first Country hologram project, and our first female hologram project, for a reason: she was a pioneer who influenced generations of singers around the globe."

Charlie Dick, who was married to Cline and runs her estate, supports the move to help keep her legacy and music alive. "We are very glad to share Patsy and her music with this new technology and format and honored by Hologram USA's choice to have her as the first [country hologram]," he said in a statement, according to Rolling Stone. "I am sure her fans, old and new, will be thrilled."

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Patsy Cline Will Return to the Stage as Hologram in 2016