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This Vietnam Vet's Patriotic Truck is Turning Heads in North Texas


One very patriotic truck in Texas has been turning heads across the state for years.

The truck belongs to Everett Floyd, a Vietnam veteran. According to WFAA, he served two tours with the Marines. Floyd's F-150 -- which is covered in medals, flags and military memorabilia -- has become something of a local celebrity.

Very few have ever asked about the symbolism behind the elaborate ornaments, Floyd explained. He considers the truck a symbol of sacrifice, for all soldiers, especially the under-appreciated Vietnam vets.

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Floyd has disabilities that occurred after being exposed to Agent Orange, a agricultural chemical used during the war. Although his time in the military personally left lasting effects, he wants those who see his truck to remember those who sacrificed it all of their country.

"Some mark the men who didn't come home," Floyd said to WFAA.

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