Pat Green Pays Tribute to Long-Distance Parents with ‘While I Was Away’ [VIDEO]

Pat Green’s new song, “While I Was Away,” pays tribute to parents whose professions call them away from their families.

Truck drivers, flight attendants, military: just a few of the professions that Pat Green recognizes in his new song “While I Was Away,” a stirring tribute to parents whose work calls them from home.

Green sings about the bittersweetness of not being at home to watch your child grow up. “I noticed that you looked older than you did yesterday/been growing up while I was away.

When he played it at shows, Green would consistently be approached by fans thanking him for the song. Although Green originally intended “While I Was Away” as a love letter to his children, he quickly realized that the sentiment in the song was universal.

Green explains in a People interview that the video for the song is meant to honor as many occupations as possible. “This video is special because it reminds us that everyone has a common bond: love for our children…as well as the feeling that our ‘kids being kids’ goes by way too fast.”

Here are a few of the professions Green notices in “While I Was Away” and the days per year they are gone:

Firefighters – Gone 120 days per year.

Flight attendants – Gone 209 days per year.

Longshoremen – Gone 120 days per year.

Traveling salesman – Gone 182 days per year.

Touring musicians – Gone 180 days per year.

Military – Gone 270 days per year.

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Pat Green Pays Tribute to Long-Distance Parents with ‘While I Was Away’ [VIDEO]