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Texas Country Artists Celebrate Pat Green with New Tribute Album

Some of Texas country music's best current talents pay homage to a talented peer on Dancehall Dreamin': A Tribute to Pat Green. The tribute album arrives on April 5, which happens to be Green's 46th birthday.

After a run in the '90's as an independent artist with the benefit of a Miller Light sponsorship and a Willie Nelson endorsement, Green began a mainstream career in 2001. Sparse moments of fame and recognition followed, with such tracks as "Three Days" and "Wave on Wave" netting chart success and radio airplay. He eventually became just as happy pursing his music on his own terms, returning to the Texas' rich independent country music scene in 2011.

Artists on the compilation include some of Texas' best homegrown songwriters and performers, including Jack Ingram, Aaron Watson and the Randy Rogers Band. In addition to 10 covers, 10 tracks tell the story behind each song.

Dancehall Dreamin': A Tribute to Pat Green Track Listing:

1. "Wrapped" - William Clark Green
2. "Three Days" - Randy Rogers Band featuring Radney Foster
3. "Nightmare" - John Baumann
4. "Wave On Wave" - Jack Ingram
5. "Take Me Out to a Dancehall" - Josh Abbott Band
6. "Crazy" - Aaron Watson
7. "Washington Avenue" - Walt Wilkins
8. "Adios Days" - Cory Morrow
9. "Dancehall Dreamer" - Drew Holcomb
10. "Southbound 35" - Kevin Fowler
11. "Wrapped": Story Behind the Song
12. "Three Days": Story Behind the Song
13. "Nightmare": Story Behind the Song
14. "Wave On Wave": Story Behind the Song
15. "Take Me Out to a Dancehall": Story Behind the Song
16. "Crazy": Story Behind the Song
17. "Washington Avenue": Story Behind the Song
18. "Adios Days": Story Behind the Song
19. "Dancehall Dreamer": Story Behind the Song
20. "Southbound 35": Story Behind the Song

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