Pat Green on Florida Georgia Line: ‘I Love Watching People Win’

Texas country artist Pat Green says he’s “proud” of Florida Georgia Line and its incredible success in the past few years.

In an interview with the Boot, Green discussed his feelings toward the bro-country superstars.

“I don’t think I could ever wear a sleeveless shirt and a chain on my wallet,” he said. “I would feel silly, that’s all. I just couldn’t do it. But I’m proud of them. To put yourselves out there and open yourself up to all of the criticism that comes in this business, and then open your family up to all of that—it’s a meat grinder, and it’s a neat thing to see people succeed.”

Green saw the duo perform for the first time when he took his kids to see Taylor Swift, for whom they were opening during her RED Tour. “My kids got into it. My daughter loved it,” Green said. “They’re putting on a show. There are people that get into it and sing along. Slap each other on the back, drink a beer.”

While Florida Georgia Line’s music and live shows definitely have a different vibe than anything Green has done in his career, he had nothing but praise for the Nashville-based duo and their already immensely successful career.

“I love watching people win; whether I’m going to play their music 10 times in my car doesn’t mean anything. Watching someone win is fun.”

Pat Green will be releasing a brand new album, Home, on Aug. 14. The musician is set to play select dates in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas through October. A list of upcoming shows is available at his official website.

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Pat Green on Florida Georgia Line: ‘I Love Watching People Win’