Pat Green
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Pat Green Looking for His Lost Pug, Ugg

Earlier this week, Texas country star Pat Green has lost one of his most prized possessions, his pug named Ugg.

According to The Austin American-Statesman, Green's dog ran away from him at a pit stop in Jarrell, Texas. Green was stopping for gas on his way to Fort Worth from Austin when Ugg jumped out of the car.

The dog apparently freaked out, got scared and ran away. Green chased after his dog, but could not keep up. According to the assistant, Green is "devastated" that Ugg ran away.

Green posted a photo of his pug on Facebook, asking for people in the area to keep an eye out for his lost pup. After Green posted the photo, friends and fans started a social media campaign to find his lost companion.

Green's wife also reached out to social media for help in finding his beloved companion. The dog was a gift to Green's son, and was accompanying Green while he is on the road performing. So, if you're in the Texas and have some friends in the area, I'm sure Green would greatly appreciate it if they kept an eye out for his furry friend.

This country star has numerous tour dates for 2017. He will travel throughout the spring in summer all across the southeast. Some of those states include Texas, Louisiana and Georgia.

Green's latest album Home, released in 2015, features appearances from Lyle Lovett and Sheryl Crow. His album explores the challenges of the music business and deciding to take time off to be with family.

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