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The Pasta Hack That's So Easy, You'll Feel Silly for Not Seeing It Before

Pasta is one of the foundational meals of many home cooks' weeknight dinner rotations. In fact, it's probably one of the things many could make blindfolded: Salted water set to boil, simmer a sauce in a saucepan next to it, and when the noodles are al dente, add to the sauce. Simple enough, right? Well, maybe not anymore. As it turns out, we've all been working harder, not smarter in the kitchen it comes to our pasta strainers.

Before we begin, please just take a moment to gaze upon this genius that will forever change your pasta game.

That's right. Your world has forever changed for the better. Now no longer do you have to worry about burning your fingers, fogging up your glasses, or wondering if your colander is large enough to hold all the pasta you've cooked.

And to think all you had to do was put the colander inside the pasta pot. Don't you hate that when the easiest solution to a problem has been sitting in front of your face the entire time?

Why We Love This Hack

1. No more will you have to ensure that your sink is completely empty so that you can drain off your pasta water. Now, you just have to pour from above and nothing will touch the bottom of your sink.

2. This means fewer dishes to wash. Since your colander won't touch the bottom you just need to rinse it off, and then you'll only need to use one pot to create your entire pasta dish.

3. You won't have any leftover noodles stuck to random spots on your counter because you won't be forced to let them flop haphazardly out of a steaming, unwieldy pot. Did I mention that this method involves less cleanup in the end?

So have you tried it yet? I bet you're going to have to make pasta for dinner tonight just to try this out and experience the magnificent metamorphosis for yourself. Let us know how it went!

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