Why 'Party Down South' Is Ruining the South's Reputation


CMT's Party Down South is a reality show that features a group of 20-somethings who get drunk and rowdy just about every night of the week. The show is pretty much the Jersey Shore of the South.

With two casts of wild partygoers, these childish adults are giving the rest of the world another reason to think poorly of the South as a whole.

Not only are true Southerners not complete party animals, but they also have more respect for themselves than these characters ever will.

Here are six reasons why Party Down South is ruining Southerners reputation everywhere.

Southern ladies fight with words, not fists

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This isn't something that should have to be explained, but here goes. In the first episode of the latest season of Party Down South, cast member Tiffany Heinen threw her hand in the face of roommate Hannah Guidry and started an all out brawl. Come on ladies, you should have more class than that. This is not the first fight on the show, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Drinking and diving is never a good idea for any Southern man

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Everyone knows that driving under the influence is a bad idea, but apparently these fools can't even be trusted doing anything under the influence. In Party Down South's latest season, Josh Murray took a literal tumble and ends up with stitches from his forehead to his nose. Get it together, please.

Southerners put beers in koozies, not funnels

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Southerners have no problem drinking beer quickly, but let's leave the funneling to Panama City Beach spring breakers. Just stick that Bud Light in a koozie and call it a day.

Southern gentlemen would never use this much bleach

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Whoever is in charge of doing Ryan Richards' hair should be fired. He looks like a Backstreet Boys reject. I promise you, not everyone in the South looks like this. Actually, no one in the south looks like this. But then again, any grown man who calls himself "Daddy" should not be trusted to mold the South's reputation.

Southerners do not sleep outside, unless it's in a tent

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... And we never get drunk enough to think passing out in the driveway is even an option. Come on Ryan Richards, you should know better.

Southern men would never compare women to fish

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Not only are the men on Party Down South womanizers, but they also compare women to fish that you would find while deep sea fishing. Attractive women, also known as Marlins, and unattractive women, known as flounder, are constantly rated throughout the show. If that's not reason enough to hate the show, I don't know what is.

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Why 'Party Down South' Is Ruining the South's Reputation