Paratrooper's Jump With Pet Fish Lands Him in Hot Water

Sorry, Army, but Spc. Matthew Tattersall and his stunt are kinda hilarious. 

Spc. Matthew Tattersall decided to celebrate his final jump as a paratrooper in Afghanistan by taking along his pet Siamese fighting fish, Willy MakeIt. On his jump (successful, by the way), Tattersall took a selfie of himself and Willy. "It had to quick, but paratroopers get the job done," Tattersall quipped to Army Times' Michelle Tan. Turns out jumping with fish is against protocol and frowned on by the higher ups.

Spc. Tattersall, 2nd Battalion, 505th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, wrote a 1,000-word essay detailing the importance of professionalism and airborne safety. He was later given 12 days extra duty as further punishment for his actions, actions for which he fully takes responsibility.

Tattersall considers himself lucky that he wasn't stripped of his rank and acknowledges that it was a stupid move. But it sure seems like he doesn't regret it one bit. Tattersall has a pretty solid sense of humor about the whole thing, adding that he thinks Willy, who earned himself a new middle name, Willy Did MakeIt, should have been punished as well. "He thinks that this is the funniest thing in the world, and it's not," Tattersall said about the fish. Tattersall also added that he and Willy are thinking about heading to space some day.

Tattersall will spend the next couple of weeks on evening cleaning duty at the base before transitioning to a new job in spring and college in the fall.

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Paratrooper's Jump With Pet Fish Lands Him in Hot Water