Panic Overtakes Texans as Blue Bell Supply Dwindles

The nationwide recall of Blue Bell ice-cream has left the rest of the nation scratching their heads in confusion as Texans absolutely lose their minds. 

It may seem crazy to anyone from out of state, but the Blue Bell recall is totally freaking us out down here in Texas. You can’t go into an H-E-B store without seeing some poor soul staring longingly at the empty freezer cases.

Since the recall, many Texans have taken to social media to express their sadness at the loss of Blue Bell ice-cream. Several Facebook pages have been set up by Blue Bell fans. In 48 hours, the We Stand With Blue Bell Creameries  garnered over 21,000 likes.

On the page, thousands of distressed Blue Bell lovers have expressed a wide range of emotions, from fear of the impending summer to mourning the loss of their favorite ice-cream. Some even suggested ideas of how to save the recalled desserts.

Don Snedigar of Dallas posted, “If they don’t get the banana pudding ice cream out soon, they should cancel summer.”

Proud pet owner Shane V. Slater of Cedar Park lamented, “My dog and I are devastated that we do not have our nightly Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!! Is there a treatment center available to help us cope??”

The panic has spread outside the borders of Texas as well. In Jennings, Louisiana, John D. Jones posted, “Is there a way to sterilize the ice cream and we could still eat it?”

Photo: Elizabeth Abrahamsen

If you’re still confused, let me break it down for you; We don’t eat any other brand of ice cream. In Texas, we are very brand conscious.

While the rest of the nation argues over whether to call that brown, carbonated beverage “pop” or “soda” we just cut the crap and call it Coke.

Every kind. Even if it’s Sprite. As in, you walk into a restaurant and sit down, and the waitress asks if you want a Coke, and when you say yes, she says, “What kind?” Maybe that’s weird, but that’s how we are.

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Blue Bell is synonymous with ice-cream here. Oh sure, there are other brands in the stores, but they are sad substitutes and far inferior, and also, the stores stock WAY less of them. Walk into any grocery store in Texas and the ice-cream section will have two whole freezer cases of just Blue Bell in various sizes, and one case that holds every other brand of ice-cream.

The nationwide recall of Blue Bell has depleted our grocery stores of our staple frozen desserts. Now that the recall has extended to include every Blue Bell branded frozen treat, not only are we out of ice-cream, there are no more fudgesicles, no more eskimo-pies, no more (sob) rainbow popsicles!

The worst part of it is, with no stated end in sight, and summer looming, we might not have any Blue Bell to help us get through the wretchedly hell-hot summer that is right around the corner. It’s already getting up into the 90s here in Austin, and it’s not even May yet.

So if you see a Texan panicking, approach him or her with caution, offer words of comfort, and whatever you do, do not offer them a carton of sub-par ice-cream.

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Panic Overtakes Texans as Blue Bell Supply Dwindles