Panera Bread

Panera Is Testing a Double Bread Bowl in Philly and Wow

In the spirit of Philadelphia, home to freedom and City of Brotherly Love, Panera is testing double bread bowls that you can share with your favorite person. Or not; we won't judge if you want this awesome invention all to yourself.

"Ideal for sharing with your BFF, significant other, or even a co-worker, the Double Bread Bowl can include any two of Panera's signature soups or Mac & Cheese," Panera noted in their announcement of the new menu item.

The new Panera double bread bowl uses an entire loaf of bread with two cutouts for soups or mac and cheese. The two "bowls" are self-contained, although we can see some pretty interesting flavor combos happening if you want to mix soup varieties or soup with your mac and cheese by digging a tunnel between the two sides of the loaf.

(Panera double bread bowl: Double the carbs, double the playing with your food fun.)

Panera Double Bread Bowl

Panera Bread

The catch is that the new double bread bowls are only available at Philadelphia locations and only from August 5 through August 31. If they do well, the restaurant chain may launch them nationwide, which given that the new bread bowls already have fans salivating for a taste, seems like a sure bet.

If you're in Philly, try the new Panera Double Bread Bowl at any local store or order online from According to the chain, you need to do is "add an unsliced sourdough loaf to their cart and add 'make the sourdough a double bread bowl' in the special instructions."

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