Panda Express

Panda Express Brings Back Popular Firecracker Chicken Breast Dish

Get your tastebuds ready, Panda Express Firecracker Chicken is back! In honor of Lunar New Year, Panda Express, the largest family-owned and operated Asian dining concept in the U.S has decided to bring the fireworks indoors and to your plate. Loaded with boneless and skinless chicken breast, fresh bell peppers, onions, green beans, and whole dried chilis, all wok-tossed in a savory Chinese black bean sauce, the Wok Smart® menu item is packed full of delicious veggies and spice.

Guests can enjoy this dish and other Lunar New Year favorites like Chow Mein noodles for long life, Orange Chicken with orange for prosperity, Honey Walnut Shrimp representing happiness, and Spring Rolls resembling gold bars for wealth — with Panda's new $29 Family Meal for a limited time.

Celebrating Lunar New Year with Panda Express

For years the Asian dining restaurant has celebrated Lunar New Year by giving our customary lucky red envelopes, or "hóng bāo" on the first day of the celebration. Due to Covid-19, Panda Express has decided to go digital this year, making it easy to spread good fortune to family and friends across the nation.

"While Lunar New Year may be celebrated differently throughout the world and may hold a different meaning for every individual, the holiday unites us under one universal ideal," said Andrea Cherng, Chief Brand Officer at Panda Express. "The holiday invokes feelings of hope for the future and inspires us all to savor meaningful moments together. As a family-owned business founded by Chinese immigrants, we are honored to share the significance behind Lunar New Year with our guests in new ways every year and present them with opportunities to spread renewed hope and good fortune to those around them."

Through Feb. 28, guests can visit on their mobile phones to send their own virtual celebrations and personalized well-wishes to loved ones through this digital red envelope experience. Panda will also share special offers with every guest who sends and receives a digital red envelope during the festivities.

I got the chance to try out the Panda Express Firecracker Chicken recipe the other day and let me tell you, I am a big fan of this stir fry entree. Crispy green and yellow bell peppers, green beans, and a spicy black bean sauce make this a delicious weeknight meal. Grab a plate of it before it's too late!

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