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'Outer Range' Recap Episodes 7 & 8: Autumn's True Identity is Revealed


Warning, spoilers ahead for season 1 of Outer Range.

It's hard to believe that the first season of Amazon Prime Video's mysterious western Outer Range is already over. It has been a whirlwind debut season with Josh Brolin starring as Wyoming rancher Royal Abbott. It seems Royal had more secrets than he initially let on. Episode 7, "The Unknown," clarifies Royal's childhood which, as it turns out, he does remember. Not only will you never see his big reveal coming, but episode 8, "The West," reveals Autumn's true identity. The season ends with so many unanswered questions, so we can only hope that Amazon brings the Abbotts back for a second season.

Here are the eight most important moments from episodes 7 and 8 of Outer Range.

Episode 7

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  • In a flashback scene, we see that Perry seems to have had a violent streak even in childhood. After an altercation with one of the Tillerson boys, Royal drives him home. Perry asks him why he has these feelings of rage, and Royal almost opens up to him but stops himself.
  • In the present, Joy takes Perry to a holding cell after picking him up at the ranch, and Perry tells her that he killed Trevor and disposed of the body completely alone. Joy asks him if he knows what happened to his missing wife, and he says no. She doesn't believe either of his stories.
  • Royal and Cecilia use their ranch as collateral to get Perry home on bail. The office warns them that if Perry doesn't make his court date, they will lose the deed to the ranch.
  • Billy pays Autumn a visit at her motel. He tells her that he crushed his dad's special rock (the one that came from the void) and ate its black dust. It gave him a vision of her, and it felt like they were changing the world together. They share a (kind of bizarre) kiss, and he promises to do whatever she says. Autumn proceeds to carve the same symbol onto his chest she carved onto herself in episode 6. She tells him he needs to stop Royal before Royal stops what she's trying to do.
  • Luke attempts to suffocate Wade with a pillow, but Billy jumps in to stop him. Last we saw, Wade is still hanging in there.
  • Royal is driving home, and his truck stops running. Billy pulls up next to him and offers him a ride home. He takes him to the same arcade we saw a young Perry at the beginning of the episode, but now it's abandoned and broken down. He holds Royal at gunpoint and makes him admit he tried to kill Autumn, demanding an apology. After Royal apologizes, he doesn't kill him but leaves, telling him he thinks something bad will happen to his granddaughter.
  • Autumn tells Perry he needs to know something about Royal. He's waiting for his father when he finally makes it home and demands they go on a ride. He takes him out to the void, and Royal explains why he ran away as a child. He was on a hunting trip with his dad and accidentally shot him instead of a deer. He couldn't face his mother and sister after what happened, so he ran out into the pasture, where he found the void. He stepped inside of it wanting to disappear after what had happened. The year was 1886, and he came out in 1968. He admits he had never told anyone about this before.
  • Perry thinks that Autumn was hinting to him that his wife is still out there somewhere, so he jumps into the void, and it disappears in front of Royal's eyes. We see Autumn watching in the distance, smirking.

Episode 8

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  • We pick up with Joy, who had followed up at a local property belonging to a man named Frank. She can't find him but sees a black trail leading out into the woods that she follows. She stumbles on a massive buffalo stampede. She later discovers that she has stepped into the past, the buffalo running by a camp of teepees.
  • Billy sings over his father's sick body and wipes black dust from the rock onto his face. He tells Luke he knows that Wade is leaving him the ranch and says he can have it if he doesn't try to kill Wade again. Luke is determined to profit from the void Billy showed him, but since it disappeared, he digs around in the ground for proof.
  • Autumn is on another mysterious phone call demanding money be pulled "from the trust." Royal shows up with a gun to talk to her at her motel, but she escapes the back window and rides off with Billy.
  • Royal talks to Rhett before his big night at the rodeo and tells him there's something on the land he needs him to find. Rhett dismisses him, and Royal can't find the words to tell him anything else before getting escorted back to his seat.
  • Amy wanders off at the rodeo and finds her missing mom under the bleachers. She takes her away with her, and Cecelia frantically looks for Amy, having a meltdown when she asks the security officer for help finding her. She painfully screams out, "God is gone," struggling with her faith amidst everything happening in her family.
  • Rhett takes a nasty fall after the strange interaction with Royal and, despite being injured, decides to take his last ride anyway. He looks out into the stands and sees his family aren't in their seats, but still gives the ride of his life. The whole town cheers him on, and he looks out to see Maria happily clapping. He stops her after the event telling her he loves her and wants to run away with her and that he is officially done with his family.
  • Royal and Autumn face off in town. She starts shooting at him, and Billy drives up with his truck, also shooting at him. The two of them drive off together, and Royal follows. The shooting continues down the highway, and Billy's truck gets run off the road, flipping as it rolls down the hill. Royal goes down to see who survived when a herd of buffalo (who ran through the hole dug up by Luke) make their way through the field they are in. Royal runs under a truck for cover, with Autumn left out in the open to get trampled.
  • As Royal leans over to inspect Autumn for signs of life, he realizes that she is actually Amy, his granddaughter. He carries her back to the house and lays her down in Amy's bed. Royal opens up to his wife about everything and tells her that he wants his family back. She tells him it's all gone, and Amy's gone. Royal says no, she's not.

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