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These 3 Outdoor Pool Tables Go Beyond the Game Room to Rack Up Hours of Backyard Fun

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What is the best yard game out there? That's a dicey question to toss into an outdoor space. Answers will vary (but I say cornhole). What we can all agree on is that the more outdoor games there are, the more fun backyards will be. That said, an outdoor pool table really puts tabletop sports in on the action.

That's right, it's 2021, and we can finally get our game tables out of the game room and into the great wide open. Table tennis, air hockey— shoot, they even make foosball tables that are weatherproof now. I'm so excited I'm getting distracted. Let's get back to outdoor billiard pool tables.

Best Outdoor Pool Tables

1. SereneLife 6-Ft Foldable Pool Table - 76 Inch Foldable Billiard Game Table for Kids and Adults w/ Accessories, Includes Set of Billiard Balls, 2 Pool Cue Sticks, Table Brush, Ball Triangle & 2 Pieces of Chalk

There is a difference between foldable pool tables and the true outdoor pool tables we're getting to. For one, folding tables offer more flexibility for where you can play, but the materials are not typically anti-rust or weatherproof. That said, a folding outdoor/indoor table combo like this one from SereneLife is a good in-between. Especially if you're looking to save some scratch.

With this table, you can play pool wherever you like. The playfield is low friction, and soft rope drop pockets make for a nice game experience. Although it isn't made from stainless steel, this is 6-feet of sturdy alloy.

Only downside: it's not big enough to become a regulation-sized table tennis table (say that five times fast). If you want an outdoor table with multi-use functionality, keep reading.

2. Imperial 8-Foot Pool Table, Outdoor

The Imperial is the pool players' table. They say waterproof taclon cloth is what makes a proper outdoor billiard cloth. This table has 8-feet of it, spread over a pearl board layered by 140-sheets of Formica and polyester resin. The durability of the materials isn't the only upside.

With 5" leg levelers, you won't have to worry about the table wobbling or becoming unstable. Just adjust as needed. The size of this pool board makes it a centerpiece for your backyard patio. Grab a conversion top, roll out a table cloth and turn this into a dining table for your outdoor area.

I know the right size table tennis top has got to be somewhere out there for this one.

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3. Hathaway Alpine 8-ft Outdoor Pool Table with Aluminum Frame and Weather Resistant, UV-Resistant Felt - Includes Accessories, White

Hathaway's Alpine outdoor billiard table has a heavy-duty, weatherproof playing surface. It sits on top of a high-quality aluminum frame, which is coated in a white-powder gloss. Other than looking striking against the electric blue felt, it adds anti-rust protection to the body of your table.

The pockets of the Hathaway Alpine are lined with K-55 rubber cushions. Another thoughtful addition is the nylon table cover and 1-year limited warranty for extra peace of mind. This is a gorgeous piece to have in the backyard game options, especially for those who like a good game of pool.

These outside pool tables are amazing, but they aren't the only tabletop game options out there. These days, you can get everything from ping pong tables to shuffleboard tables for outdoor use. You'll never want to come inside!

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