Keep Your Drinks Cold (And the Party Going) With an Outdoor Fridge

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There's nothing quite like the great outdoors. Fresh air, beautiful views, and now, ice-cold drinks! Bring the party outdoors with an outdoor fridge. Outdoor refrigerators are the perfect addition to any BBQ, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor living.

Not all refrigerators are made the same, so if you plan on adapting outdoor refrigeration to your summer plans, make sure it is a refrigerator suited for outside. Check out these outdoor fridges!

Perks of an Outdoor Fridge

An outdoor fridge comes in handy for many reasons. Maybe your husband needs a small refrigerator to keep ice-cold beers. We all know a case of his favorite drinks (and your White Claws) can take up too much room in the fridge. An outdoor fridge also comes in handy if you like to host often. Guests love having access to cold drinks without feeling like they need to go inside and dig through your kitchen fridge.

What to Look For in An Outdoor Fridge

Of course, make sure it's a fridge meant for outdoor use. You'll want a high-quality fridge built to withstand the elements (especially if it's not going in the garage but out on a patio or outdoor kitchen area). Portability might be a factor too. If you rent your home, don't go crazy installing a new outdoor kitchen fridge. Instead, invest in something you can easily load on a truck if you were to move.

Another factor to consider is temperature. If you notice it doesn't get very cold, maybe it's not the best pick for summertime when it's over 105 degrees.

Also, if you know you'll keep it stocked up, consider a fridge with adjustable shelves or refrigerator drawers.

Outdoor Refrigerator Buying Guide

Best for Outdoor Kitchen

1. NewAir 15" Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator With Weatherproof Stainless Steel

Keep your wine chilled and water cold with this beverage refrigerator. The stainless steel construction is weatherproof and rust-resistant. The temperature control panel allows you to set the temperature to as low as 32° Fahrenheit. The cooling system evenly distributes cold air, and the door lock helps keep your goods cold and secured.

My favorite feature of this outdoor appliance is that the door storage space allows you to fit up to 90 cans of your favorite beverages! The casters on the bottom also make transporting this fridge easy.

If the party lasts until dark, you can easily see your drinks because of the LED light. This compact refrigerator can sit on a standard 15" counter or just serve as a freestanding unit. The choice is up to you!

Best Portable Option

2. BODEGA 12 Volt Car Refrigerator, Car Fridge Dual Zone APP Control, Portable Freezer

This outdoor beverage cooler from Amazon is perfect for camping and the outdoors! You can use this beverage refrigerator as a wine cooler during a nighttime summer shindig as well.

The wheels and retractable handle on this beverage center make it easy to transport. If you have an RV, this mini fridge is small enough to serve as an undercounter fridge or a freestanding unit. The LED lighting makes it easy to identify your drinks and food.

Each purchase comes with a 1-year warranty!

Best for Garage

3. Thor Kitchen 24" Indoor and Outdoor Double Drawer Under-Counter FridgeIndoor and outdoor fridge


Having an outdoor fridge can save you so much time if you are hosting an outdoor party. No more lukewarm champagne or hot soda! The temperature range of this fridge is 34-46 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a built-in ice maker. The stainless steel door keeps the fridge circulated with cold air, so your drinks stay cool.

This indoor/outdoor refrigerator can be used for outdoor use, but you can also place it in your basement or garage. It measures 5.3 cubic feet, so it won't take up a lot of space. No matter where you put it, the four adjustable leveling legs will keep it leveled and sturdy.

The LED interior light makes it easy to find all your favorite drinks and food. Clean-up is super easy, all you need is a damp microfiber cloth!

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