Luke Bryan Sticks to His Trademark Sound on 'Out of Nowhere Girl'


Luke Bryan fans, rejoice. The Georgia-raised pop-country superstar unveiled a new song, "Out of Nowhere Girl," online this week. If you dig Bryan's instantly recognizable vocal delivery and accept the occasional predictability of radio-friendly lyrics, clear space on your pop-country playlist.

The song opens with gorgeous banjo accompaniment that sounds more eccentric indie-rock than roots revival. No one will mistakenly think Rhiannon Giddens dropped by the studio that week, but at least Bryan creatively embraces traditional instrumentation. Later in the song, a really sweet classic blues-rock guitar solo ties everything together. It sounds more like Bob Seger than Jerry Douglas, but it fits the rest of the song like a glove.

Lyrically, the nameless "Girl in a Country Song" that Maddie and Tae bemoan walks into the singer's life and lust ensues. To be fair, Bryan avoids the usual cliches about tail gates and tight britches, opting instead for a more timeless pop trope, love at first sight. Being blown away visually by a stranger is believable in pop-oriented songs and at college town watering holes, so Bryan connects with relatable experiences just like a country singer should.

The song previews Bryan's next album, What Makes You Country, out Dec. 8 on Capitol Records Nashville.

"Out of Nowhere Girl" Lyrics:

(Verse 1)

It's just a regular Saturday night in the summer

Same guys and girls and the same stars way up in the sky

It's like the music stopped playing when I saw your body

Did you come here with someone or come here to party tonight?


My little light out of nowhere girl

Where you been all my life?

Where you been trying to hide?

It's like you come Come from another world

Fell right out of the sky

And landed right here tonight

Do you wanna dance with me?

Any way you gotta be

Do you wanna go somewhere my little out of nowhere girl

My out of nowhere girl

(Verse 2)

Girl are you lost?

Are you just here in town for the weekend

All of my life I've been here, never seen you before

If you need someone to show you around, girl I got you

I gotta know you and hold you

I don't wanna leave here alone anymore

(Repeat chorus)


We could go anywhere you want

Baby I got you

You know I got you

When you walked in this place, you turned it up

Right when I saw you

Baby I saw you

(repeat chorus)


My out of nowhere girl

My out of nowhere girl

Out of nowhere girl

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Luke Bryan Sticks to His Trademark Sound on 'Out of Nowhere Girl'