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Song Premiere: Our Band Channels The Beatles on 'Bright As You'


Our Band (Justin Poindexter and Sasha Papernik) channel both The Beatles and Nirvana on "Bright as You," the latest release from their forthcoming album of the same name (out June 25).

Poindexter says the song shifted from one of anger to a tune about healing and acceptance.

"Sometimes songs have a way of evolving on their own, independent of our intentions. 'Bright is You' is one of those songs. It started out angry, but quickly shifted gears into a quirky little love song about acceptance," Justin Poindexter tells Wide Open Country. "It appeared late at night on the kitchen floor of our NYC apartment after watching the Beatles' 'A Hard Day's Night.' I had been listening to Nirvana Unplugged in New York all week, and those angular sounds were in my ear, along with all the brilliant catchy Beatle hooks. Later, Sasha came up with a perfectly odd accordion riff, and we recorded the song on some salvaged audio equipment from an AM radio station in North Carolina. If we could only share with you how the microphone smelled..."

Listen to "Bright As You" below.


Our Band has performed in several prestigious venues, from Carnegie Hall to Lincoln Center to the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. Vocalist and pianist/accordionist Sasha Papernik is a classically trained pianist and first-generation Russian-American. Justin Poindexter, raised in North Carolina, is the son of a country singer and a schoolteacher who specializes in American roots music, including folk, blues, country and traditional jazz.

Watch the video for "Bright As You" below.



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