How The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company Grew from a Love for All-American Country Living

The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company

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Phillip and Kelly Eggers learned so much from growing up on their family's farm, including patience, hard work, the value of good, clean living, and the blessings of carefree laughter. So it should come as no surprise that they couldn't imagine living anything other than that All-American country life.

The Eggers escaped the city and corporate America to build a custom barndominium in the heart of Pilot Point, Texas. Their sanctuary was perfect in every way, including the additions of various treasures from Kelly's family farm.

There was just one problem -- it was way too hot.

"Our living space was on the second floor, and the horses lived below us. We had 16-foot vaulted ceilings, so it was near impossible to cool the hot air trapped in the vault," Kelly said with a laugh. "At floor level, the temperature was 70 degrees. "But in the vaulted ceiling, it was over 100 degrees."

The Eggers added more traditional air conditioning, which improved things a bit. But everyone kept telling Kelly that what she really needed were fans -- possibly lots of them. That was when her country living inspiration took over. One day, while looking out across one of the pastures, Kelly spotted their old farm-style windmill and realized that was the answer. Sure, it weighed too much and relied on too large of a motor to be placed on a ceiling. But with a little ingenuity, Phillip realized he could custom make an aluminum version lightweight enough to attach to any ceiling.

"It was the perfect solution," Kelly said. "At that moment, The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company was born."

The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan

The Eggers' company is a pioneer in bringing authentic, historically-designed windmill ceiling fans to homes across America. They are the only windmill ceiling fan company that provides custom finishes, enabling customers to design an original, one-of-a-kind fan perfect for their space. Each fan is handcrafted and fully assembled in the heart of Texas. And because of the aluminum, special ceiling supports are not required, and standard electrical service works perfectly.

The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan

"I am so proud and grateful to be able to run The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company seven days a week, 24 hours a day," Kelly said. "Just ask our customers. We would love to help you come home to one of our unique, beautiful, functional windmill ceiling fans. You'll be glad you did."

The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan

Not surprisingly, the hallmark of this company isn't its ceiling fans. Customers look to The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company because they know they are getting a product built from the honest hands of community-minded people who understand the values and traditions of farm life. Phillip and Kelly grew up on their grandparents' farms in Iowa and Kansas, respectively, and spent their childhood fixing fences, baling hay, hunting, feeding livestock, and making and eating the best home-cooked meals ever -- lard included.

"We both have experiences in the business world that have helped us create and run the Windmill Ceiling Fan Company," Kelly said. "We have lived and learned and know that our knowledge nurtured from the farms and the business world will make our company stronger. You only make certain mistakes once, like being dragged through a manure-filled feed lot face first holding onto the rope of a running calf too long because your grandfather told you, 'just don't let go,' or being shocked to the core because you touched a hot fence line that your cousin said 'wasn't hot.'"

They'll never work another day away from the land that made them -- and The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company -- who they are today.

"I am finally home again," Kelly said. "We work hard every day and appreciate the special life we have together."

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How The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company Grew from a Love for All-American Country Living