Ordinary Elephant

Video Premiere: Ordinary Elephant's Reflective and Striking 'Scars We Keep'

Husband and wife Pete and Crystal Damore, who make up the folk duo Ordinary Elephant, have spent the last five years traveling around the country in their RV while pursuing music full time. Now the duo is gearing up to release their new album Honest (due out on May 3).

Featured on the album is the striking "Scars We Keep," a song about breaking the cycle of hate and fear.

"I am starting to see we are all the color of the scars that we keep," the duo sings in the heart-wrenching song.

Ordinary Elephant says the song is about the hope of breaking free of past hurt and shame.

"If you grow up being shown how to hate and fear, it can be hard to go out into the world with love and acceptance," the duo says. "This is sadly the truth that many live. Where the hope comes in for us, is that as humans we are capable of being bigger than our environment, and that cycle can be broken."

Watch the video premiere for "Scars We Keep" below.

Honest was recorded in Nashville and produced by Neilson Hubbard. For more information on Ordinary Elephant, visit their official website.

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