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Map Shows Most Popular Online Shopping Searches in Each State

Clam guns? Puka shell necklaces? Mustache wax? Americans sure have some unique online shopping searches. And it looks like each state is its own special flower when it comes to weirdly popular products.

A map from real estate and home buying company Estately shows which product each state searches for more compared to the others. And some of them are just bizarre. Like in Oklahoma, where "zombie survival kits" apparently fly off the online shelves.

The company used the Google Shopping feature to determine what residents in every state most looked for when online shopping. They actually compiled a fun list for each state. Then, Estately put together a map, laying some of the most unique answers over each state. Check it out below.



It is, as Estately says, "Both terrifying and informative."

For instance, which state would you think most searches for gun racks? If you guessed some place like Texas or Alabama, guess again. That distinction belongs to Missouri, where they also apparently want to buy potato guns (for, you know, their gun racks).

But Texas actually wants to get out on the water and enjoy some outdoor fitness. Or at least the outdoors. The fitness part, maybe not so much. Because Texans want motorized kayaks more than any other state. To be fair to Texans, "truck gun rack" did make the list. But you probably don't want to know what else landed on there, unless you're into "90s overalls" and "Nazi memorabilia."

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Meanwhile, Arizonans can expect a visit from the cops any minute now. Tennesseans need toupee's, adult coloring books and colostomy bags, because apparently aging is particularly tough in the volunteer state.

And while South Dakota may set off a few alarms with searching for "exploding kittens," rest easy knowing it's simply the name of a card game. And honestly, all South Dakotans want to do is play games. That's why Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan and Play-Doh all made the list.

Head to Estately to see a full list of terrifyingly hilarious online shopping searches by state.

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