This is How an Onion Can Relieve Your Irritating Ear Ache

It seems like most families have their own set of old country remedies for common ailments.

Back in the old days, most people would use their kitchen cupboards and mix natural ingredients to relieve aches or pains. Although there are many modern medicines you can buy off the shelf, sometimes the oldest, simplest and cheapest methods bring the most relief. The next time you suffer from a terrible ear ache, skip the store and try out this incredibly simple and natural treatment.

All you need for this easy home remedy is one onion. You'll need to extract the juice from the onion, which can be done by several different methods. You can use a food processor or you can simply grate the onion and strain out the juice from its pulp.

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Once you have the juice, you can use it on its own or mix it with olive oil. Next, simply pour a small amount into your ear and leave it in overnight. The onion works as a natural antibiotic and helps relieve the pain from any infection that's deep inside your ear. Then, simply enjoy life without any more nasty ear aches!

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This is How an Onion Can Relieve Your Irritating Ear Ache