You'll Never Have to Cry Again With This Amazing Onion Hack

There's nothing worse than beginning to dice an onion for a flavorful tasty meal, only to be overtaken by tears and stinging eyes as you chop. Onions make almost any dish better, adding a delicious, savory zing to your meal. However, cutting onions can be so painful that it sometimes feels barely worth it to use them. Fortunately, TikTok has come out with yet another life-changing food hack- an onion hack to prevent you from ever crying over an onion again!

Chopping Onions

onion hack

When you cut an onion or shallot, you're releasing enzymes that become gases when they escape, which  cause a chemical reaction similar to that in tear gas. This irritant affects your eyes, causing them to produce tears to try to flush out the chemicals that are reaching your eyes.

Many onion-lovers have tried to find ways around this to be able to chop onions tear-free. Some say that using swimming goggles will keep your eyes from hurting, while others have gone so far as to buy specially designed onion goggles, which can be found online on Amazon.

Another common kitchen tip to cut onions painlessly is to cut them under running water. You can also freeze the onion before cutting it or light a match before you start slicing. The sulfur compounds from the match will fight against the enzymes that make your eyes hurt.

Onion Cutting Hack


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Although these cooking tips are helpful, we haven't found anything as fool proof as this onion hack on TikTok! It not only keeps you from going through the ordeal of stinging eyes, it allows you to cut onions without even using a knife or cutting board. It all started with TikTok user @scubeskitchen, who discovered how to chop onions with nothing more than a resealable plastic bag and a meat tenderizer and decided to share with the world.

To follow his incredible onion cooking hack, you'll need 1 small resealable plastic bag, 1 large resealable plastic bag, and a meat tenderizer. Start by placing a whole, unpeeled onion in the small bag, leaving the bag open. Then, place this into the large resealable bag, and keep this open as well.

Now comes the fun part- smashing the onion. Using your meat tenderizer, smash the onion into pieces over and over until the onion skin has naturally separated and the rest of the onion is left in small, perfectly diced pieces. No knife skills, clean-up, or tears are necessary in this life hack!

Onion Cutting Never Has To Hurt Again!

Now that you know how to cut onions without tears, you can make crispy onion rings, flavorful tomato sauce, veggie omelets, or any other onion-centered meals with no tears involved!

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