One Couple's Solution to the 'What Should We Eat?' Argument Is Genius

If you've spent any time as part of a couple, you'll know there are some things that invariably cause static, perhaps none more so than that timeless question, "What do you want to eat?" Trying to decide where to eat is basically the bane of anyone's existence, and when you're in a couple, no one wants to make the decision, but they have secret preferences uncovered each time a suggestion is made.

Basically, all parties involved in the argument are usually suffering from both h-anger (hunger + anger) and decision fatigue. Think about all of the decisions you make regularly. Chances are, those probably occur well before dinnertime arrives so you're already worn down.

If you've ever looked like this, you'll know why this invention is completely genius.

Well, it seems one couple may have put an end to that argument for good - in one of the most creative ways we've ever seen.

We give you the Wheel of Dinner.


If you can't tell, the couple repurposed an out-of-use "The Farmer Says" See 'n Say toy, grafting the names of local restaurants in place of the animals.

That takes some of the guesswork out of dinner, and now, when your partner utters those fateful words - "It doesn't matter" - it's time to let that wheel spin. The cow says it's time to eat.

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