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Charlie Worsham Shares His 'On the Road' Playlist

Last month, Charlie Worsham released his highly-anticipated sophomore album Beginning of Things to high critical praise. Filled with honesty, heart and plenty of southern charm, the LP dives into the importance of being true to yourself, no matter what.

That quality is what makes both Worsham and his music stand out from the crowd. His ability to morph everyday moments and familiar feelings into an unforgettable song is one that isn't easy to find. Those tunes come to life in a brand new way when he hits the live stage. Known for his youthful energy and impeccable vocals, it's no wonder that Worsham spends a lot of time on the road.

In our first installment of our ongoing On The Road series, Worsham shared some of the songs that he finds himself listening to during those long treks between gigs.

"The road is one of my favorite places to listen to favorite music and discover new artists and songs," Worsham tells Wide Open Country. "And it's especially fun when you're on a bus, 'cause you can crank the speakers and get in the groove with your friends and be reminded that you are indeed living the dream. With this playlist, I decided to pick a random starting point and see where it takes me. That's how playlists tend to go on the road anyway."


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You can grab Charlie Worsham's new album, Beginning of Things, online and in stores now. He's also out on the road with fellow songwriting powerhouse Brandy Clark through the end of June.

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