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Song Premiere: Olivia Ooms Finds Hope in Uncertainty in Powerful 'Hideaway' Video

Singer-songwriter Olivia Ooms contemplates uncertainty on the soulful "Hideaway," written by Ooms and Gabby Neeley and featuring (and produced by) Jamie O'Neal.

"'Hideaway' is a heart-wrenchingly powerful song that is really about letting go of the reins on your life, knowing everything will work out the way it's supposed to," Ooms tells Wide Open Country. "For me, this was written as I was just going into my final semester in high school, so many unknowns on the horizon, and so many questions about what the future would hold. I'd been planning to move to Nashville for college and work in the industry but, when the pandemic hit, my life completely changed. I decided to stay closer to home for a while and see how the situation would play out. This angst and passion about the future is real, and I feel my director, David Javier, captured and portrayed the depth of it brilliantly in the music video."

The video for "Hideaway," which Wide Open Country is premiering today, features Ooms' family heirlooms, such as an ice cream parlor chair from her great-great grandfather's 1930s soda fountain, making the already-personal song and video even more special.

"Having a simple video to me meant having just a few unique vintage pieces in a creative loft studio setting," Ooms says. "David suggested a chair and a floor lamp, so I went to see what was 'hiding away' in my attic. Just like me coming out of a months-long quarantine lockdown, these items also begged to come out! The ice cream parlor chair is from my great-great grandfather's pharmacy & soda fountain in Dumont, IA, circa 1930. The lamp is an art nouveau Tiffany lamp from the 1940s. It belonged to my great grandmother and has a replacement lampshade as the original glass had broken long before I had it."

Watch the video for "Hideaway" below.

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Ooms says working with celebrated singer-songwriter Jamie O'Neal gave her a creative spark and a much needed boost of motivation in a difficult year.

"It was such an uncertain year with everything we know and love being put on hold. It definitely put a damper on my creativity and for a very long while, I just simply didn't even feel like picking up my guitar, which normally brings me great peace and comfort," Ooms says. "I learned to be more open to doing online performances and thankfully was able to travel to Nashville in June to record in studio with Jamie O'Neal and an amazing group of musicians. When I decided to go ahead and shoot a music video for 'Hideaway,' I had a vision of something very raw and simple. It's been such a hard time for everyone, so I wanted to portray all the emotions I've felt this past year, hoping it's relatable and transparent for all. The take-away is to get out there in one way or another and live your best life, listen to your higher power and let go of trying to control everything. That's where you'll ultimately find peace and tranquility."

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