Olive Garden

Loosen Your Belt, Olive Garden Is Now Selling Pizza in a Bowl

No, Olive Garden isn't just slapping a piece of pizza in a bowl (we'll leave that back in those drunk college days). The new lunch duos menu which includes unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks, welcomes it's newest menu item-the Meatball Pizza Bowl.

Made from pizza dough and dusted with the same garlic-herb mixture that tops their famous breadsticks, this cheese and bread concoction is destined to be a lunchtime favorite. First the pizza dough is shaped and baked in a soup bowl and filled with three Italian cheeses - Parmesan, mozzarella, and asiago - then topped with a meat sauce and lightly spiced Italian meatballs. 

Meet the Meatball Pizza Bowl

Steaming hot when it arrives at the table, take a fork (or spoon since it's a bowl) and pull a string of cheesy goodness from the pizza crust bowl. Oh yea, that's totally insta-worthy. One bite and you'll be transported back to eating pizza on the couch while playing video games.

Once you've eaten a little bit of the middle, start breaking apart the baked pizza bowl and use it like you would tortilla chips with nachos. You'll probably want to grab a few napkins, but we aren't judging you there-our hands are already in our pizza bowls.

Alongside the new Meatball Pizza Bowl, make sure to check out some of the other legendary menu items Olive Garden has to offer like breadstick sandwiches, Piadinas (which are like Italian quesadillas), mini pasta bowls and a classic lasagna. And although the Meatball Pizza Bowl is technically on the lunch menu, feel free to order it during dinner as well.

Some people are against the new pizza bowl. One instagram user, Tom.Gutting was not at all excited about this new Olive Garden menu item noting in his hashtags that it's a bad idea.

What do you think of Olive Garden's newest lunch menu item? Authentic or not this is a unique dish available at a very affordable price of $8.99.

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