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Olive Garden is Selling 50 Lifetime Pasta Passes And Here's How To Get One

This has got to be the definition of carb-overload. For the past five years, Italian restaurant chain Olive Garden has hosted their annual Never Ending Pasta Bowl Promotion by selling never-ending pasta passes to a select amount of people. Last year the unlimited pasta deal lasted eight weeks, but this year, to celebrate the 6th annual pasta pass, the restaurant is giving away 50 Olive Garden Lifetime Pasta Passes, providing you unlimited servings of pasta for the rest of your life.

What is the Olive Garden Lifetime Pasta Pass?

For the first time in its history, Olive Garden will be offering 50 lifetime pasta passes at the price of $500 each. While it seems pretty steep, it'll only take you about 45 pasta bowls to pay the whole thing off. After that, every pasta bowl is practically free.

"Olive Garden has always been known for Italian Generosity and making everyone feel like family, which is why we introduced our Pasta Pass five years ago," said Jennifer Arguello, executive vice president of marketing for Olive Garden."With the introduction of our new Lifetime Pasta Pass, we're excited to be a part of our biggest fans' memories around the table for years to come."

Does a lifetime of pasta seem a bit daunting? Olive Garden is also offering its annual Olive Garden pasta pass which gives you 9 weeks of unlimited pasta from the pasta bowl menu, and all the unlimited soup, breadsticks and salad you care to enjoy. These passes are $100 and usually sell out within 30 minutes.

How To Get The Never Ending Pasta Pass

So you wanna grab one of Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Passes? Guests have the chance to purchase one of the 24,000 passes on Thursday, August 15 at 2 p.m. ET at www.PastaPass.com for 30 minutes or until they are sold out. While there, the first 50 guests who complete their transaction and opt-in to the Lifetime Pasta Pass will be notified the next day (Friday, Aug. 16) if they have won and can pay an additional $400 for the lifetime pass.

Miss out on a pass? Don't fret. Beginning on Sept. 23, all guests can enjoy unlimited servings of their favorite pasta combinations, homemade soup or salad, and freshly baked breadsticks, starting at $10.99. Now that's a deal.

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