Oldest American Skydiver
Screengrab via KY3

Texas Man Celebrates 100th Birthday with a Record-Breaking Skydive

Al Blaschke was simply a man with a dream before Wednesday afternoon. On that day, Al celebrated reaching 100 years old by jumping out of an airplane. This legendary leap made him the oldest skydiver in America. The dive took place at Skydive Temple in Salado, Texas, and took dozens of staff members to pull off.

Blaschke first contemplated skydiving three years ago when a friend suggested making the big jump. But Al had just one condition - he wanted to wait until he was 100 to do it.

When his birthday finally rolled around, he was more than ready to make the jump. He did so along with his 72-year-old close friend. After boarding the plane, the pair strapped in with their tandem partners and flew away into the sky. At 10,000 feet, they finally made their jump. When they reached the ground, Al's family and friends, who flew in from all around the country, were waiting for him.

You can take a closer look at their journey in this video.

Al is obviously in great shape after living for an entire century. Along with skydiving in his spare time, he also keeps up his golf game and even practices yoga. Skydive Temple says that they would have probably never agreed to take him up if he wasn't in such good health.

In the end, Al says that he only wishes the journey took a little longer. While he was able to see quite a bit, which surprised him, Blaschke wanted to see even more. Al went on to tell KY3 News that he was ready to take the jump again in four years after his grandsons graduate from college.

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