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You Can Spend the Night at This Incredible Old West Fort

Platte River Fort sure doesn't look like a place you could find on Airbnb. It doesn't even look like it exists in the same century. It has protective sandy-colored parapets and a scenic and antiquated courtyard. There's a big bell above it all that could signal supper time or an enemy attack. It looks like it's built for battle, or a nice place to hitch your wagon.

But it's actually a popular place to get hitched, in addition to hosting family reunions, church functions, and other big events that are accentuated by Platte's Old West charm. But of course, you can just stay a night on the fly without writing vows or reuniting with your kin.

The Way There

Down a quaint country road just minutes away from historic Greeley, and somewhat close to Estes Park, DIA, and Rocky Mountain National Park, the 235 acre destination of Platte River Fort charms your socks off the second you pass through the entrance,

On the way, you'll take in soothing views along the South Platte River and the river bottom pasture as you make your way to the fort.

And when you get to the north entrance, Platte River Fort might look a little bit familiar. That's because it was built as a replica of historic Bent's Fort in La Junta, which it mirrors in its classic design and striking adobe exterior.

But those pretty sights just scratch the surface on this Colorado stunner. It's the rooms themselves—each packed with a mix of antiques and rustic art—that elevate this already extraordinary Airbnb rental.

The Rooms

There's space for 37 overnight guests, with four suites and three courtyard bedrooms. One of the best of the bunch is the Big Thompson Suite. This upper level stunner sports double Beauty Rest pillow top mattresses and outlooks of the mountains and grazing longhorn.


The South Platte Suite pampers with its plush king size bed (plus a twin trundle bed), both with finished wood frames and décor inspired by the neighboring longhorns.

And the leather footrests and the western views of Colorado's Front Range from the St. Vrain Suite are, indeed, pretty sweet.

But most kids, and most kids are heart, will want to stay in the bunkrooms. They're ruggedly designed to accommodate adults and camp counselors, and they sport cozy denim comforters.

Extra Perks

If you're wondering, "Is there a handy outdoor kitchen and bar?" The answer is yes.

You might like Platte River Fort so much, you actually want to defend it...because it is a fort, ya' know. But since they can't let you stand guard the wall, you can still go skeet shooting on the property if you please.

You can find out more about this unique property at Airbnb.

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