This Old Truck is Hiding a Mobile Home Fit for a King

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One New Zealand couple decided to transform their old truck into an expandable castle-style dream home on wheels.

In this video, you are introduced to Jola and Justin. This talented couple took on the incredible project of building the perfect home on wheels. Incredibly, they were able to build a three-story, fully-functional house that can be expanded or contracted if they want to take it on the road.

The home was built to be able to fold inward completely to meet all road safety requirements if its taken for a drive. The artistic couple put their own style on every inch of the home. Sheet music lines the walls while reclaimed wood used as accents throughout. The home is also self-sustainable and eco-friendly. The castle's turrets hold a composting toilet and shower, as well as a washer and dryer. Solar panels lines the walls and roof of the home to power their water, gas and wood-burning stove.

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"I like engineering, I like art," homeowner Justin told Bryce Langston of the television show, Living Big in a Tiny House. "When you can put them both together, it's really good. This is like one big art project."

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This Old Truck is Hiding a Mobile Home Fit for a King