Old SOuth Pittsburg Hospital
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Old South Pittsburg Hospital: Spend the Night at One of Tennessee's Most Haunted Places


Visitors of Pittsburg, Tennessee, which is about 30 minutes West of Chattanooga and less than two hours South of Nashville, can stay in the haunted Old South Pittsburg Hospital (unless you're a chicken, of course).

The medical facility (originally called the South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital) operated from 1959 to 1998, with employees over the years spotting or suspecting paranormal activity. Examples of this include hospital beds, wheelchairs and other inanimate objects moving on their own.


Per the ghost hunting attraction's website, many suspect that the land's haunting dates back to a Civil War battle, when Confederate soldiers slaughtered both Union soldiers and the Native Americans allowing the Yankees to store supplies on their land.


The property sits at the base of South Pittsburg Mountain and is near the Tennessee River--locations associated with the Chiaha tribe. The hospital is built on solid limestone rock, with a natural spring running underneath the building.

However, many of the sightings in the haunted hospital sound more like they were the result of wrongful deaths at the hands of medical professionals. Overnight investigations have discovered a female spirit that behaves like a "naughty nurse," a toddler called Buddy and a seven-foot tall shadow figure which lives on the third floor.

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If all of that sounds like a fun night with friends, you don't have to scale a rusty, chain-length fence and break into one of Tennessee's most haunted places. Instead, groups of aspiring ghost hunters can conduct their own paranormal research through daytime tours and investigations or, if you're really brave, an overnight ghost hunt.


For more information, visit the haunted location's website or its Facebook page. The Old South Pittsburg Hospital is located at 1100 Holly Ave, South Pittsburg, TN 37380.

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