old silo

This Old Silo Was Transformed into a Unique Tiny Home

We've seen tiny homes of all shapes and sizes, but this repurposed silo is truly a unique country abode.

Located in Lake City, Fla., this adorably rustic home features one bedroom and one bathroom. Although it's only 454 sq. ft., the house sits on 25 acres of riding trails and beautiful scenery.

Although the home may be small, it's jam-packed with rustic design elements. From the natural wood ceilings to the metal accent alls, it certainly  feels like you're down on the farm.

A full kitchen features a retro fridge, large far sink and a surprising amount of storage space.

The bathroom may be small, but it features a full shower and plenty of storage under the sink and above the toilet.

And yes, the shower is made from the same type of corrugated metal you'd see on outdoor farm buildings, including silos.

At the top, you can enjoy the beautiful view of your property on your own personal deck or enjoy some family time while huddled upstairs. The patterned wood walls make the room feel cozy without making you feel too claustrophobic.

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This unique home is on the market for just $200,000, which is a bargain if you're looking for a large piece of land. You can find out more about the property at Estately.

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