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This is the Official Birthplace of the Hamburger

It looks like Texas is going to have to take a backseat when it comes to taking credit for the hamburger. The honor goes to the good old state of Connecticut.

According to the Library of Congress, Louis’ Lunch in New Haven is the official birthday place of the hamburger. Back in 1900 when a customer asked if there was anything that he could eat on the run the owner then cooked up some ground steak, slapped it between two pieces of bread and handed over what would soon become a staple in American food culture.

Over 100 years later, Louis’ Lunch still serves that hamburger. And now customers can add a slice of cheese, tomato and onion between the bread.

If you’re a relish, ketchup and mustard kind of burger lover though, you’re out of luck. Louis’ Lunch does not carry condiments. At least Texas can rest easy knowing they have the upper hand in that area, but hey, when you’re the place that invented the burger you can do that sort of thing.

Louis’ Lunch is a family owned business that opened its doors in 1895 and has since been passed down through four generations of the Lesser family. On top of introducing us to the hamburger, the Library of Congress also give credit to them as the birthplace of the steak sandwich.

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This is the Official Birthplace of the Hamburger