off the grid

You Can Stay the Night in This Incredible Off the Grid Earthship


Outside of Taos, N.M. and off the grid sits a unique Airbnb listing dubbed "the Earthship." After taking three years to complete, the studio is now completely self-sufficient and comfortable to live in.

Renters will pay approximently $125/night for an off the grid experience that holds the comforts of a modern home. Due to the self-generated electricity, temperatures stay at 72 degrees, and thanks to the sophisticated plumbing, guests have a bathroom complete with deep tub and even a washing machine.

The textures in the studio mimic the views outside.

As stated in the Airbnb listing, these chairs are perfect for stargazing or watching Netflix.


The full kitchen will make guests feel right at home.

The mini-greenhouse area helps to stabilize the temperature throughout the studio.

Dogs are welcome for a small extra fee.

In the winter, Taos completely transforms.


On YouTube, one can find the 26-minute instructional video for renters of the Earthship. Though it may seem like a lot to take in, the video shows how efficiently the home runs and gives renters a better understanding of how everything is connected. Even if you don't plan on renting the Earthship, it's a fascinating watch for those interested in off the grid living.

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