Off-the-Grid Cowgirl Impresses American Idol Judges

YouTube/American Idol

Despite living “off the grid,” there was certainly a whole lot of electricity when Jeneve Mitchell auditioned for American Idol.

Mitchell appeared on the Jan. 6 episode of the singing show, which launched the careers of a number of country stars including Carrie Underwood and Scotty McCreery, where she blew away the judges with her rendition of The Band Perry’s “Chainsaw”.

Mitchell, 15, revealed on the long-running singing show that she actually lives on a very remote mountain in Crawford, Colorado where there’s no running water or electricity.

“We can’t get power lines up there, so we use kerosene lanterns,” the American Idol hopeful told Fox411, adding that the family powers up a generator twice a week to watch the show.

“It’s definitely lonely on the mountain sometimes,” Mitchell said. “Me and my mom and my dad pretty much fend for ourselves on our ranch. Sometimes we go [back]packing. We are big campers.”

Despite receiving a golden ticket to Hollywood following her audition, the teenager added to Fox411 that she’s not planning on giving up the simple life if her career takes off.

“I am not a stereotypical teen. I don’t use my phone that much or play video games” she said, “I don’t need a boyfriend. I got my horses and my music. That’s all I need.”

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Off-the-Grid Cowgirl Impresses American Idol Judges