The Oak Ridge Boys' William Lee Golden Marries at 76

The Oak Ridge Boys' William Lee Golden is now a happily married man.

Golden and longtime girlfriend Simone Staley tied the knot during an intimate ceremony on Aug. 29 in Nashville, Tenn.

The two met during a performance at Knott's Berry Farm in California and were instantly attracted to each other. Staley and Golden are both art lovers, which drove Staley to paint a portrait of her now-husband as a gift.

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After a few years though, the two eventually lost touch. In 2009, they reconnected with each other and Staley was surprised to discover that Golden had held onto her painting after so many years.

"I had always wondered if he held onto that painting," Staley said. "It was probably silly to do so, but I just felt very strongly about it after pouring my heart and soul into it."

"Although it was a portrait of me," Golden admitted, "I could see her face every time I saw that painting."

Now, the inseparable couple are officially husband and wife. The pair will continue to reside in the Tennessee home they've shared since 2013. "It's been the most beautiful experience, together," Golden said.

Golden will join the The Oak Ridge Boys for a full roster of performances across the U.S. scheduled through December. You can find a full list of upcoming tour dates at the band's official website.

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The Oak Ridge Boys' William Lee Golden Marries at 76