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New Coffee Butter Lets You Spread Coffee on Your Bagel

Attention coffee and breakfast lovers: you can now combine the two in one complete bite. Tierra Nueva, the Miami-based coffee technology company has announced their newest product, Nudge Coffee Butter, and it's sure to add a jolt to your busy mornings

This isn't the first time the brand has introduced the world to edible coffee. Back in 2012, the company won the Most Innovative Product and the People's Choice Award at the annual Specialty Coffee Expo for their Coffee Thins, which are essentially creamy thin bites of coffee. The brand currently collaborates with Dunkin' and Wawa, offering flavors like original and caramel.

This year the brand took home the Specialty Coffee Association's Best New Product award in the food category at the annual Specialty Coffee Expo. According to Business Wire:

"People are hungry for a new way to enjoy their coffee, and we are absolutely elated that nudge.™ Coffee Butter™ captured the attention and taste buds of the judges at the expo," said David Burke, chief executive officer of Tierra Nueva. "Produced with our innovative whole bean coffee technology, a serving of nudge.™ Coffee Butter™ has 40mg of caffeine, uses 20 whole coffee beans, and is free of nuts and chocolate. When it launches in June, nudge.™ is poised to shake up the $3 billion U.S. nut-butter food category, which has seen little innovation or growth."

The coffee butter is set to hit stores this month in three varieties: Columbian Origin, Italian Espresso Roast, and Brazilian Origin. The butter spreads like cookie butter or Nutella and is rich and fragrant. A single serving of coffee butter contains 40mg of caffeine (which is equivalent to half of a cup of coffee) and is nut and chocolate free.

We can't wait to try out this new coffee treat.

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