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Canned Pickle Juice is a Thing Now

A flavorful group of people exist out there that tend to sneak a sip from the pickle jar when no one is looking. Those people are finally in luck, because Gordy's Pickle Jar have now started to sell pickle juice in a can.

The company, which is based in Washington DC and was founded by Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain, have been making pickled jalapenos, Bloody Mary mixes and classic jarred pickles for years.

A couple of months ago they decided to go out on a limb and sell the potent liquid from their hot chili spears in a 12-ounce can. The blend of salty, tangy and sweet is appropriately named Gordy's Fine Brine, just like a bottle of sauvignon blanc, except spicy and tangy.

The company just started wider distrubution this month, giving more pickle juice lovers access to their special concoction. "It's a very natural extension of our existing product line, as we have always encouraged our customers to repurpose their leftover brine and to start thinking of pickle juice as an ingredient in its own right," Gordon told Tasting Table.

A four-pack of Fine Brine is available for purchase through their website for $16.00. So if you like having a pickleback shooter with your whiskey or want to whip up a pickle martini, you no longer have to strain the liquid from your favorite jar of spears.

Even though this high quality Fine Brine says "for cocktails" on the can, we're pretty sure you can go ahead and take a long sip when no one else is looking.

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Canned Pickle Juice is a Thing Now