Now Even Your Horse Can Wear a Comfy Christmas Onesie

Many of us make sure to wear our most festive pajamas on Christmas morning. One company has made it their mission to make sure everyone stays warm and comfy this holiday season: even horses.

In an attempt to drum up interest in the upcoming Christmas Racing Weekend in Berkshire, British company Ascot Racecourse decided that humans shouldn't be the only ones sporting some fashionable pajamas this Christmas. They created a festive, custom-made "foursie" for Daffy, an adorable Shetland pony who needed a little extra warmth this holiday.

"In winter I always worry about Daffy getting chilly, as he likes to spend so much time out of his stable," Jackie Rowberry, Duffy's owner and animal trainer at Animal Dramatics, explained in a press release.

After a few measurements and some quick sewing, Ascot Racecourse presented the tiny white horse with his very own Christmas-themed set of PJs. Thanks to his cool new look, Daffy has become the talk of the town.

"I love the fact that Ascot has created a special foursie for Daffy so that he can get into the Christmas spirit," Rowberry exclaimed. "He's loved all the attention and is quite the envy among his stable buddies!"

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Now Even Your Horse Can Wear a Comfy Christmas Onesie